The Jungle, Calais

superb humans

Home Is Where The Art Is

Around 4 weeks ago, I decided that slacktivism regarding the refugee crisis was not going to be enough for me. I wanted to understand the situation better, I wanted to go and see what it is that David Cameron is so terrified of, and above all, I wanted to help those stuck in this impossibly sad situation.

Thanks to social media, I did exactly what parents warn their children not to do. I met up with people I had only spoken to online, at 1 o’clock in the morning, and I got in their car, and we drove to a foreign country. Earlier in the evening, to calm my nerves, I had gone to a pub and had far too much wine for a school night. Everyone was telling me I was crazy for going, my parents were worried (understandably), and no one could understand why I would use…

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