Community Centre Or Posh Flats?

so that’s what that building was.

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In east London battle lines have been drawn between two groups – one motivated by rapacious profit the other by public interest – over the future of a historic building on the banks of the River Lea. PETER FROST knows whose side he’s on

In Hackney, east London, where the Lea Bridge Road crosses the river there is a place called Paradise Park. Here today a dedicated group of local people are fighting to preserve a tiny but wonderful building.

The Clapton Arts Trust wants to convert the pretty Victorian schoolhouse into a valuable cultural facility for the local community. It is proving to be a hard struggle but it’s one they are determined to win.

Today the schoolhouse is cocooned in bright canary-yellow plywood shuttering but you can just catch tantalising glimpses of its Kentish ragstone walls, mullioned windows and spectacular chimneys through the gaps in the shuttering.


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It’s all about The MillE17

Up Your Street  Issue 35

Wed 14th Oct free  noon Up Your Street Community Group off to Fabric of India at V&A
uys v&A.jpg
Thurs 15th Oct free  noon onwards.Curator’s Tour at the Mill E17 (Just saw it on Twitter) That’s with Nat.
Fri  16th Oct free 11-1pm Camden Art Centre  workshop for seniors. Book at the venue beforehand.
                      free 2-4pm Rosetta Art Centre Up Your Street students off to Whitechapel Art Gallery
                      free  2-5pm Mental Spaghetti plaster sculpture workshop in Kentish Town . Book at Eventbrite
                      free  3.30-5pm Claremont Up Your Street members afternoon with The Craft Council
                                                 at Claremont in White Lion Street, Angel.
Sat 17th Oct free 3-5pm The Mill E17  Raffle
                         .   7pm. Our Jan of Spitalfields treads the boards with Theatre Royal Stratford east 
Mon 19th Oct free Hussain’s dance rehearsals begin for A Season Of Bangla Drama in November.
Thurs 22nd Oct free 6-8.30pm , Come one and all. Meet The Artists.Launch of “Transform” exhibition at The Mill E17
                         (Exhibition runs until Dec). Always a great evening with Mo hosting and feeding us.
The Mallinson Restaurant at Waltham Forest Collage Is offering a Caribbean menu to acknowledge and celebrate Black History Month. It’s all prepared and served by students.
Fabulous venue.

What do I know?

The Refugee Crisis continues with boats arriving in Lesbos every hour and walkers reaching Calais’ The Jungle every day too.

This is what I know. There are energetic driven younger than me UK people organised into regional groups and coordinating themselves to get stuff onto pallets with DHL to get transported out to Calais. There are clever people out in Calais building houses and making stews for people from the Calais Kitchen and shopping in Calais town. There are parents in Essex collecting donations and filling up a convoy to go to Calais again. The Kent police are being great. People are building indoor stoves. Others are organising activities for children in The Jungle. The refugees need thermal underwear and strong shoes. The women don’t use tampons.

Church people in east London are raising funds through jumble sales and church meetings. Turkish fishermen are picking up Syrians out of their dinghies and getting them to safe shores and repeating that every two hours.

Belgradians are giving donations. I sold original art work in aid of caravans for refugees rather than tents. My contribution is a dot and I am in awe at the way things are being moved along and joined up by the people I only know about on Face Book. I am disgusted that some people couldn’t care a toss about the plight of what they smell as ISIS supporters. What can I do about that? Meanwhile I am unable to do or give more except share what’s going on and be alert to the situation in Calais and everywhere without Channel 4 News’ help.wpid-2015-10-03-17.30.55-1-1.jpg.jpeg

Up to here in Art.

I have just finished the last miniature acrylic on canvas outpouring about the crisis in The Jungle in Calais. My paintings are my emotional response to the terrible lives being smashed in the refugee camps. I am fortunate to respond at my leisure but I have been practical too by driving donations to collection hubs and sourcing good men’s shoes that I could afford.

The paintings are to sell at £1 each in a fundraiser tomorrow. I’ll sell postcards too of my series “Save Our Souls” depicting a family group reaching Calais and a Syrian man hollering having dug out his son from the rocks after a bombing by Putin’s lot. And there’s another one all about people arriving in Lesbos in the black rubber dinghies. Orange and blue are the colours we see on Facebook and the now scarce telly news footage.

And while I was low on other people’s misery other art had to be attended to what with exhibitions all over the place and art being the community engagement trend especially for older people. Imagine. The Mill E17 is celebrating a successful exhibition featuring me and Grayson Perry and other lovely artists of course. Coming up is “Transform” at the very same Mill.

October is full of activities and whatnot; art workshops, talks about art, heritage events and then of course, it’s Black History Month. Hackney Museum is rated highly with its exhibition about African design and printing manufacture.

Me. I’m off to Goya.

BRUSSELS AT DAWN at St-Martins- In-The-Field 7-18 October

Unity Arts London

Supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund, Unity Arts will be mounting an exhibition to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the death of Edith Cavell.

This installation will be a reflection of the discoveries made about this extraordinary woman by our community researchers, artists, curators and Heritage Team.

Live events will include a lunchtime monologue, a lunchtime talk, the puppet show Jack’s Story, Video Oral Histories and heritage presentations. Jack's Story front

We will also be offering all visitors a free commemorative booklet.

Details about these events and the memorial service on 12 October to follow.

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Immersing in art. Up Your Streeters were there.

The Building Project

As part of artist Angela Lynn’s solo show ‘Building Site’ in Shoreditch, Angela has worked with musicians, artists and performers to create a living installation on Monday 12th October. Students at Rosetta Art Centre have been part of this living, collaborative piece of art and will be there making art, so go and visit the show on Monday between 10am-6pm!
The address of the exhibition is 31 New Inn Yard, London, EC2A 3EY.

Side By Side: Humanitarian aid to refugees in Calais

“Mind blowing. Heartbreaking, heart warming, wept twice, smiles lots, built a house, built an altar, cuddled babies, cooked for 50 people. Handed out everything from balloons to blankets. Met some friends for life. Now drinking wine in Barry with my bestie Julie Bassett, while Matt Kieffer-Wells drives us all home to sleep.”

Katrina Kieffer-Wells’ status at Facebook now.

The Arrival detail 1detail from “The  Arrival”