art kicks are free


“Before 1950 roof tops” acrylic on cheap paper A3


Claremont Project for over 55s at The Angel in Islington’s putting on its new art exhibition next week until February . February!

I went to the workshop today where we participants were to create something about

“Cultures I identify With”.

In front of me were four acrylic squeezy bottles in mauve, dark green, brown and dark red: Choice eh?   A cup of tea appeared too so all was warm and good in the upstairs hall.

On the way to the Centre, I’d marvelled at the roofs above the streets, above the recently painted facades . I took photos and then using those four colours reproduced the loveliness of old London buildings. I was reminded of my childhood in North London.

Another guy was outside in another cubby hole wanting the quiet and wrote a poem about Christmas.


My second picture was all about hippies, the hippy culture, my friends.

A Nigerian asked me,

“What is that pot? Is it heroin? What is power?”

I replied smiling “Oh, you weren’t here in the sixties, were you?”

We laughed and took the last biscuits.  I was humbled when I said as we walked down the corridor that we are in a run-down building.  For he said “But it’s warm.”

What did I want him to say?

Thursday Nov 12th 5-6.30pm Launch of “Cultures I Indentify  With” Schloer, Doritos, art.

The Claremont Project, White Lion Street Angel Islington N1


Art Swap  Rosetta Art Centre West Ham E16  4th Dec 5pm onwards and swapping starts at 6.30pm. Just bring any size any value work of yours that you can part with and get another piece of art in  return > You have swapped!


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