Are you Anti savvy?

Anti University Now Festival seems to be taking in more experiences for we to enjoy. There’s an Hackney Wick (shudder) walk on Friday.

In 1968 I was too young to have the awareness of the Anti University happening and it maybe was a “happening”. I was growing up in a household where father ruled and The Mirror was our paper and dad told us girls never to get involved in politics and religion so no-go areas were set in stone.

The AntiUniversity Now Festival  appeals to no one I know. Not a fig. In fact one woman whom I thought was open-minded and politic-socio savvy refused to have anything to do with the ethos of being anti universities. Not my place to argue and waste my energy when I have bigger fish to fry. I threw myself into the Festival with gusto and fondness for 1968.

Look I sucked my teeth at Ai Wei Wei’s exhibition yesterday annoyed that I had to read about the art installations rather than just look and be immersed in the art on my fabulous free ticket. The exhibition did not sit well in the rooms of that stately Royal Academy of Art except it’s placed in a maze of windowless rooms next to the main shopping/tourist place. The Gallery is soaked in finery, is it not, representative of colonial riches and there in it is Ai Wei Wei’s cock-a-snoot at establishment; in his case the ever present repressive Chinese military government.

I wanted colour and action but saw wood on floors and plastic crabs, piled up chairs and dead trees. I enjoyed smelling the ton of tea. I listened to the spectators and timed how long they stayed. You can do it all in fifteen.

There are three sessions advertised at Anti University Now Festival in Hackney which I understand. The rest of the descriptions mean I have to go into Twitter and Facebook pages to see what the outfits want. The one session I could promote to seniors was fully booked before it was advertised or so it seems.

I am looking forward to Anti University Now

Festival in Hackney for it is UK wide.

I am looking forward to Open School East’s film screenings about Hackney on Saturday and to the jazz and Indian singing workshops at The Streets Festival by Leyton Station and Temple Mills Asda this weekend too. Clones required.

Because I don’t get everything doesn’t mean I can’t join in and be socially engaged.


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