At Claremont N1


There’s a wonderful exhibition at the Claremont Project in Angel Islington. It’s a varied selection of Claremont’s clients’ responses to cultures they identify with. Weird and wonderful. Someone went on a safari holiday so that became their culture. There are all different types of media with even 3 D installations. You can go buy but not for a Christmas present because the exhibition stretches into February 2016.

There’s poetry too with the standard typos.

My own works are on display. Above is “Mrs and Mr” acrylic on canvas.

I was happy for a morning last month as Claremont said someone wanted to buy my painting of “Wait for Daphne”.

She wanted the price dropped. I’m a kind person so did that and gave a deadline on the reduced price. Dither blather dother. deadlines were not respected. I’ve been down this road many times. Three weeks later I was asked by Claremont to phone the prospective buyer. The works were taken off display two weeks early anyway and in storage until I collected. So with irritated mood I politely phoned and the person just wanted to tell me she wasn’t buying after all. That’s why Tracey has an agent and Mums go to Iceland.

There’s a talk at Claremont on the 10th December about the difference between art workshops and lectures and what community art is all about.  Not going out.



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