enamel me


Interesting eh? Tiny enamel accomplished on a tiny morsel of copper.


Got the last place on a public masterclass at Institute of Making in Malet Place Malet Street WC1

Artist Helen Carmac led us mixed bunch of twelve through the method of enamelling copper then embellishing that after firing in a dinky kiln. Aaah! People lack manners, spatial awareness and clearing up skills. The number of times I had to ask people to take their powders and sponges off my work space. Maybe I AM invisible.

Anyhoo we all rushed through making miniature works of art having seen work done by Helen.

We were celebrating the Victoria Line: If ever a line needed celebrating for a boost, it’s the overcrowded, tend- to- shut- down- for- months Victoria one. The flurry of recent love for the Victoria Line is that it doesn’t reach but gets near William Morris Gallery with all the homage to a man who said that good art should be accessible to all. (He must have meant that he included his livery of servants for that, being a socialist like.) The link between the Institute of Making and William Morris is in the design and utility partnership.

wpid-2015-11-23-15.24.19.jpg.jpegWe woz there.

Thanks to IanVisits for alerting us to the workshop

The Institute of Making is only three years old in its present venue and our space was above a subterranean industrial engineering studio. Wow.

Was I fired up to do more enamelling? Why not? I did it years and years before at Hornsey Art College on Saturday mornings when you called  a Slade  a Slade.

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