Calm Before the Storm?

UK Action for Refugees

Sorry we’ve been out of touch! It’s been quiet. Jobs to do have mostly been watching for boats that aren’t coming (not yet, anyway) and cleaning the beaches. There are a number of factors being speculated as to the quietude, but the ones we can give most credence to are the weather – a southerly wind hacking into the Turkish coasts stopping the boats from launching – and the possibility that the recent G20 meeting in Turkey has upped the security, preventing crossings from happening at all. Truthfully, we’re not sure and there is a sincere belief that things will pick up again very soon; that the backlog of refugees waiting on Turkish soil to cross will begin, in force, to make the journey they’ve waited desperately to embark upon. We just hope the weather improves..

Map7 Our jurisdiction, as it were

DSC_0780.JPG Unfortunately, smugglers who want to return to Turkey with the boats…

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