Volunteer Overload

I never knew that. Businesses ask that their young (graduate) workforce do a  day’s volunteering one day a year. With what kind of Cameron Big Society tick sheet does that comply?

So yesterday at The Claremont Project there were volunteers galore, all young things flitting around offering to help stall holders write price tags, fetching tea, being at the beck and call of their seniors.

RAGWORKS woz there.2015-11-27-11.32.21.jpg.jpeg

Not knocking anything. They were like all interns in the intern system 95% white children. 95% white and the rest.

Then I went to a concert in Hackney, one of the most multi cultural places in the world. The choirs were brazenly and obviously 95% white and the audience 94% white. What what what! It’s Hackney. What should I notice?

The reading group in Hackney last week though took the biscuit. Took the biscuit, hard and stale.

Watching Sky Arts “Rembrandt”, new programme. Listening to the interpretations by somebodies. “Perceptability”, a word with a depth of art education in it..

Bow Arts is doing a celebration of something with affordable prints up on its website. For £85 I could get this beauty.


Gonna check out the people in de Beauvoir Hackney today. Heard they hardly touch the cobble stones with their nimble feet.


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