Cheap as chips up the Village aka E17 aka Awesomestow

2015-11-29-12.22.30.jpg.jpegLorraine Ward “Across Chingford” details.                                                2015-11-29-12.24.22.jpg.jpeg

Detail of  Luminous Leytonstone by Sharon Foster

     2015-11-29-12.22.57.jpg.jpeg                                        2015-11-29-12.23.19.jpg.jpeg                                   2015-11-29-12.23.24.jpg.jpeg

Free art at Vestry House Museum, slashed prices on meat and hens at Spar where the bread is posh but is it as nice as Hoxton’s Centre For Better Health’s artisan bakery. Same bloomin’ price, And then more art at another gallery by Eden Road and then outside for anyone (here I am ) to take, a whole load of quality canvas bags.. They smell deliciously new like sacks before the potatoes pile in.

The wind was terrific too.

So I took photos of my Vestry House  gallery look about bearing in mind that the four featured artists won commissions from Waltham Forest Council arts and culture lot. The Museum was a-buzz with a Dickens Reading Group and a Stella C. forum thing. Not interested one iota. Refuse to spend my Sunday in The Village when Leyton and Whitechapel call. Mind you, The Castle E17  lunch time menu was appealing. ….. Hen to pepper up.


2015-11-29-12.24.08.jpg.jpeg                                           2015-11-29-12.24.05.jpg.jpeg

Brendon’s Coronation Gardens

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