Sba Shaikh

Freezing morning but a brisk walk through the Mini Holland that is privileged Walthamstow millionaires’ rows of streets and to the very busy Vestry House Museum I went specifically to see Sba’s work  which is a collage textile hanging.  It is delicious. Look at the colours: a veritable peacock and outstanding in a brown place.

It moves to Leytonstone Library and I expect a guest launch ticket as was missed last time. Yes.

This is a commissioned work by Waltham Forest culture lot celebrating 50 years of its Council. Three other artists* took Chingford. Leytonstone and Leyton as their focuses. Sba’s was E17.(*see next blog)

2015-11-29-12.22.08.jpg.jpeg                                                 2015-11-29-12.22.13.jpg.jpeg 2015-11-29-12.21.39.jpg.jpeg                                                                       2015-11-29-12.21.50.jpg.jpeg                          2015-11-29-12.23.34.jpg.jpeg                                  2015-11-29-12.23.46.jpg.jpeg

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