Art in the community.

well It’s happening. My exhibition “At The Swim” goes into Hackney Central Library on Monday and film crews are scratching at my studio door for a piece of the action; it being the importance of art by the community, for the community and in the community. Couldn’t get more doors wide open than Hackney Central Library what with its reading groups, yoga sessions, frequent visits by famous local poets and Holloway born writers and huge nods to all events celebratory . The art exhibitions do however go into locked cabinets. Vestry  House Museum’s community art  space is ye olde anciente brick wall which allows neither pins nor nails. Hackney’s space is good compared.
Last year was the annus fullupus of art in the community. Up Your Street subscribers were on it: feminist collage, Soapbox, Mudras and gestures, art therapy, weird and wondrous at Rosetta Arts, animation, macaroni pictures and lectures galore. We were there, saturated to the Emin with fridge fronts holding up works of art.
So I think I’m well placed as both giver and receiver to espouse my take on the fashionable social engagement
business of art in the community.

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