Issue 3. Up Your Street

Up Your Street.         Issue 3

Tues 19th  Jan free 6.45-9pm “Sapphire” (1959) screening at  Chapel Cinema in Bethnal Green
                        Old Ford Road from the station at Bethnal green or the 254 bus stop from Hackney then walk  a couple of blocks up to St Margaret’s.
                         free 3-5pm Open School East in De Beauvoir, posher Hackney at the old Rose Lipman building. Called “Hackney Stream” this is a seniors’ group for radio programme making and other digital joys, visits, monthly tea dances, etc.
Wed 20th   Jan £4 POSH Club Stoke Newington noon -3pm for a nice filling tea and cabaret. Been yet? Book ahead on 07938985644 with a lady called H.
Thurs 21st Jan free 10.15-11.15 am Coffee and cake reading group club at Hackney Central Library.A very informal group for men and women and we’ll discuss Harper Lee’s other book. Lydia hosts.
                           free      11-5pm Open School East and an introduction to a new art project about suffragettes, feminism, and community activism techniques with artist Prender. Workshops follow. Email OSE for a place
Fri 22nd     Jan free Look out for @50WalthamForest celebrational textile art from Sba Shaikh at Leyton Library.
Eastside Community Heritage is looking for Jewish stories of migration to Essex and East London at 326 High Road Ilford.
Feb 1-29 Stratford Picture House exhibition of paintings by Gillian Lawrence recording the EU Refugee Crisis 2015 with flat50arts
Feb 2-29 Hackney Central Library exhibition of paintings by Gillian Lawrence entitled “At the Swim” depicting swimmers with disabilities, mature women and others in the changing rooms.
A framed art work I bought with a lottery win

At The Swim.

                                            At The Swim


I loved going swimming at the local pools a couple of years ago when they never had unisex changing rooms.

Where the lockers were were tiny community spaces where local women undressed in front of each other, creamed  their legs and discussed surrogate pregnancies, forthcoming art exhibitions and the state of the showers. Regulars giggled together joined by young mums with babes in arms plonked onto plastic cradles on stands. The shy women pulled and peeled off their wet costumes behind half-hung rubber curtains. The nattering never stopped just because the hair-driers were busy.


Women came in all colours, shapes, ages and sizes and I loved all their forms. Doris at seventy-five had the legs of a twenty something but the hunched back of a woman who’d worked hard all her life. Gloria showed off her nail polished toes and took ages to position her swimming cap over her weave. Tanya never washed before she came in and her cossie had seen better days.


Women together listening with ears cocked, folding towels, using flannels, chatting about telly, guarding against the weather, pushing in their earrings. Women having an hour between other day’s business swimming, relaxing, comparing, smiling, laughing, saying hello and goodbye, all active.


Feb 2nd-29th at Hackney Central Library come and see an exhibition of paintings of older women and some others by a woman artist. Then in March, another treat showing more older women. Eat your heart out, Saatchi.old




saw a great piece of art today

Went to Stratford Picture House (E15) to inspect the walls for mounting my own exhibition. Great welcome as always. Love that place. I looked at the wonderful exhibition there of photos and screen prints all curated by flat50arts. And fell in love with this:-2016-01-11-12.47.56-1.jpg.jpeg

“No Birds Do Sing” screen print on Somerset textured Paper by David Apps.

There was a very nice row of photographs too. I think they were photos. “The Female Force” celebrating the leading ladies of the Star Wars Universe.


Outside and across the way was the statue of  Joan Littlewood