community art and brick walls.

It looks promising for the bread and circus followers when museums and libraries which are council owned offer spaces for artists in the community to display their offerings outwards to the community at large.
Sad when the space is an ancient brick wall internalised during Millenium refurbishment. An  artist can bang in neither nails nor pins and blue tak is a no no. Framed canvases are preferred. That is off- putting to those of passionate impulsive natures.

Libraries are paradises for thieving opportinists so the way to display art is in cabinets. This time, frames get in the way. The backs of canvases are pretty ugly too even to their owners’ aesthetical artist’s eyes.
What’s to be done?
There are curator courses at £300 a time but councils are strapped for cash and must advise its aspiring art curators that no community is worth that kind of expensive expertise.
I just think artists in the community deserve better. If I see that actually the artist’s space is just silly, I run. There will always be another plaster board in another volunteer- run smiley hub.
Like community radio presenter Mary Katherine who has to research and deliver all her own mix-tapes and find her half hour guests so the artist in the community must package and label, hammer and nail, promote and advertise all by herself.
Art is the domain of the dead and the young. Community art is DIY.


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