gender prescribed.

I always wanted to know whether a new order would emerge in The Jungle aka The Forum and in Dunkirk and Lesvos as communities and priorities were devastated during the Balkan trek and murderous sea crossings. I couldn`t ask the volunteers on Facebook as it was improper to question whether the loudspeakers who represented their tribes and national areas were always men and whether the men got their meals first and whether teenage girls were confined to their family tents in worn~through hijabs. I saw pictures of men waiting for transit buses relieving their boredom by playing football. Great to philosophise with my central heating warming my internet~savvy fingers.

It`s always a brave one who responds to stranger Facebook stati and I often write then feel my cold feet and delete. Today I went into the breach.
A couple I respect for their right motives for standing as volunteers helping the EU disgrace that is the Refugee crisis are planning on giving football lessons to boy refugees who live in slums and art and its sister art therapy to girls in hijabs. I voiced a learned dictate that girls should be taught that all skills are not gender prescribed. A conversation, a Facebook.conversation followed. I was alone.

I say no more except many of us celebrate women on March 8th….. and many don’t actually get it.

About to make a list for people not on Facebook who need to know where to donate cash and pre -loved football shirts for refugees: They’d been moved by my art exhibition responding to the EU Refugee crisis in 2015. Donation is a therapy. I have no more money to give. I do have a whole heap of compassion and a box of donated acrylic paints.


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