What does flat50arts actually do? Find out by tuning into East London Radio on Thursday 10.30 at Mary Katherine presents. Oh yes she do! That’s a.m. cos Mary targets seniors not late night lovelies .

Well I know what flat50arts does for me…..puts my art out there such that a stuttering young man with limited verbal expression came up to me and told me how my art makes him feel. That is a task enough for the most Ph.D amongst us.

Today I went to two art exhibitions then went to Save Our Souls at Stratford Picture House East London and swapped one of my paintings with another of mine then sold another. Busy.
Signed up for a dance treat at Sadlers via Claremont Project and there the management has a great mission statement about what oldies should have in terms of well living. Until the statements are made concrete in non- patronising tones I aint buyin ‘ it.


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