Don’t Black People Dance?

Another white evening in London town.
     I was lucky to get a pre -booked seat at the Lilian Bayliss theatre Islington next door to the Flamenco centre of the universe. The programme was emceed by Hakim aka Dr Impact and the free treat was an evening of contemporary dance choreographed sets with room for positive comments from an audience caught like rabbits in headlights. I kept my mouth shut.

It was when the “elders ” dance troupe came on I realized that all the dancers were white people.  I saw only white older people and apart from the MC everyone on every stage was white.Sure we had a Cambodian and another not actually white British dancer.

Even a film set in truly multi cultural  Liverpool looked like it was set in Bournemouth with imported youngsters.

Okay showing off about diversity when you mean age. Great bringing in dancers with disabilities. The fact that a performance includes old and young  participants is an organisers wish list come true but that was not engineered by right on discrimination. It was luck. The elders’ troupe’s choreographer may have invited her aunties to join in but by the colour of the moving shape on stage they declined. It looks like in Islington only white seniors represent golden oldies.

The dance or shuffle performance by the Lilian Bayliss elders troupe was sad, disciplined and theatrical. To me it was the highlight of the show.

Two out of ten for the whole caboodle cos it was not

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