Principles prevent payment.

How flattered I was when Stratford Rising acting on behalf of another party said I’d get money for letting them hang one of my oil-paintings in the Queen Elizabeth  Olympic Park. The money came through. I bought gym membership. The fifteen months lapsed and the offer was on the table for a continued rental deal at £25 a month, an amount significantly less than the original cash in hand. No way. I responded with an order that my painting be removed from the hallowed foyers of QEOP luxury dwellings and be returned to me by courier. Art is business. Overnight houses on the London market go up in thousands. The rental market is spiralling through Edwardian roofs and the once free car parks at Better gyms and swimming pools are now money-makers for GLL who happen to be the renters of the art. They already had their money back with my Better gym membership; this time my principles stood their ground.

I know other artists would have gone for the twenty five quid but that’s a low figure. All the consortium of  agents clinching the deal should have shared my principle and held out for more money for the artists they purport to defend and promote in their communities rather than shake hands on a deal which any astute business person would see as incredibly insulting.

Look at me supporting other artists in the community. Ah, reciprocation would be grand.

Many of my non artist friends are free-lancers. They as a group looking out for each other ensure that by adhering to professionally drawn up contracts they can then insist on a set fee for a set number of working hours and then extra time is an agreed overtime amount. Employers get to know all of this. They, the employers, will soon find those free lancers who are ready to undercut others in their profession and accept less money. It’s a precarious situation and resembles the zero contract nastiness.

All I know today is that I did good.

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