Sociable Sewing

Sociable Sewing
Well, there you have it.  I went along to The Mill E17 to support Hilary at her new workshop. Craft is not my chosen thing and needle craft less so. All those rules and expectations and the judgements on womanhood. Ugh. I bit my lip a thousand times.
I felt I was going along for Girl Guide sewing badge and realised it was all the same. I was that one who so wanted to learn and be creative and accepted . There was chat about baking cakes, pussy cats and the WI and we had coffee and mention was made of “purist quilters”. Me, I did  my own thing as no-one said what the structure would be but all the time I looked and listened at how to make a sewing kit.

Another woman said she wasn’t very good (at threading a needle) because “I am more masculine,  not feminine”. How I stayed put, I don’t know. 

I asked if men were sewing whatever olde worlde something was being sewn at a heritage project knowing the answer already.

Nothing changes.
I know my arrogance is showing. Recently I lived on an island where a woman was measured in her baking, knitting and lambing skills. Fool me questioned the daughters and asked why their mothers weren’t learning new skills on computers because the men were. Enemies made, I was promptly told that it’s good for the women to be creative.
So in the era of positivity, I go along with that.

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