Up Your Street Issue 19

Events in Hackney, Waltham Forest, Redbridge, Tower Hamlets, Newham and up to Kensington for a treat.

Mon 30th May free 10-5pm Boiler House Brick Lane E1 Gluten Free and   “Free From “Foodie Festival. We early bird Up Your Streeters booked free tickets in September!!!


Tues 31st May  £1 10-1pm.  Tuesday Sociable Sewing with Hilary at The Mill E17

Thurs 2nd June   free two days of events,  “Many Maids Make Much Noise” at Open School East, de Beauvoir, Hackney
Exploration of the Suffragette movement and its Hackney legacy through movement,  texts and heritage walks.

“This is a performance based research session and so the techniques
> that we will use are drawn from the workshop methods that Yael uses in
> her work in the theatre. In a gentle way we will share experiences,
> explore our relation to the historical material and how we use our
> bodies. The text will be shared in advance.” Contact lillyplender@gmail.com


Fri 3rd June          free. as above


Sun 5th June        free  11-3pm Valentine’s Mansion by Gants Hill Station Ilford. Milliners’ Fair
“: FREE entry to the fair. Private viewing £10 (9am-11am).
: Book your space for the private view at Valentines Box Office
Coming soon, a fabulous milliners fair, displaying some of the Royal Ascot races most extravagant forms of headwear. On top of this, a stunning range of wedding hats will be available. 

An exclusive private viewing will take place from 9am to 11am which will include a glass of bubbly on arrival. This will also give you a chance to chat with the milliners and to preview the limited stock before everyone else, should you wish to make that special purchase. Pre-booking essential for the private view as spaces are limited. 

Free entry to the fair between 11am and 3pm.”


Mon 6th June        Some Up Your Street subscribers observe the start of Ramadan.


Wed 8th June        free. 11-1pm  Botticelli at V&A,  Up Your Street Community Group visit. Fully booked.

                               Free 2-5pm
Waltham Forest Community Radio Group
At The Mill E17

“Mill Radio is a small group that meets at the Mill to make recorded programmes for podcast (distribution on the Internet) and distribution by means of free CDs at the Mill reception desk. Our aim is to explore issues that matter to local people, give a platform to local creative talent and engage in informal chat about all our lives, interests and opinions. Please check out our past programmes at Millradio.com and join us on the second Wednesday of each month between 2.00 and 5.00 pm to make new ones.”

                            free  2-5pm Hackney Mosaic Project ( Thanks to Molly and Stephen for sharing this)

Tessa Hunkin         07530 696 560
Hackney Downs Pavilion   
Local people are welcome to drop in to any of the sessions.   
               every Wednesday 2.00pm – 5pm
               every Thursday 10:30am – 5pm
               every second Saturday 2 – 5pm”

Busy Wednesday
                          Free 11am healthy heritage walk with Eastside Community Heritage but you need to book. It’s around Ilford area. Just Google for Holly’s number to book in.

Thurs 9th June     free Anti university 2016 events and happenings around and outwith East London. 5-7.30pm today only at Hackney Museum
“You Did What Then?”. Fully booked. All about 1968 and anti establishment antics maybe.

                                free. Events at UEL entitled “Voices East”( thanks to Jan of Spitalfields for sharing.) Talks about civic responsibilities, engagement and shows by students and local peoole.  Check at Eventbrite. Location :Water Lane E15. The historic Stratford campus. Beautiful building. 3 Day free festival.

Fri 10th June          free. Anti university events and Voices East continue as above and for tomorrow too.

Newly Formed Parents

When visiting
Newly formed parents
Those with lack of sleep
And germinating sleep apnoea
Be on time.
Stay for thirty
And never you frown at JK on tv
Which is background noise
A reminder to those in the nappy feed round
That there was life before
And will once more come around
Fret not at a mother in sunglasses at home
And offer nothing like advice
To a lioness in her pride
And ready to roar
For the nfp use Apps
When not Facebooking their fears.
Take along something practical
But not Comfort
Or nappy sacs
Tea bags or wipes
But Chanel hand cream
Sleep goggles
Or a Batman pocket tin opener
For a man.
Do not make mention of nappies piled at the door.
Don’t try to organise the floor.
You may not see the order of others
Rest assured the kitchen is brimming over
With ideas of nutrition
And the sterilising kit is there for good reason.
Take no notice when they say stay awhile
Their mothers taught them manners
As they crack open a smile
Which looks practised but  marred.
Their energy is already rationed in spurts
They have become new members of a thrusting elite
Of those who juggle babies yoga and work.
You came in from a world judging generation,
guardians of what you all did before.
Their ground is solid as they plant their feet
In a place where the individual is met no more
Because the nfp are unique to themselves
Accepting fighting routine lack of sleep
Dipped in horizons and less spiked in thought
Eyes on each other and the precious they brought
Into a world they are comfortable in
Their home.

The Pamper Shop

Be a new you. Great hair cut in a short time for £8 only always with Magda at corner of Sanderstead and Lea Bridge Road. Go on then,  I’ll say it: by the new Lea Bridge Station. Same hairdo costs a fiver at Vidal’s but you sit for five hours. Waltham Forest College is great too if you like a sit-down.
I will post about Jessica’s fiver Yoga soon after a cuppa. Pamper the


The Pamper Shop

Stuart Low Trust offers free mindfulness sessions. Check their website then join their membership list for free. You do not have to live in Islington to take advantage of what’s on offer freely and generously. Up Your Street subscribers have been in the Trust’s company for 12 years. Good going.
Plus you will never go hungry as Virginia and Robert bring healthy picnics to day outings. Thank you SLT


The Pamper Shop

Well, great FREE stuff happening at Hale End Library,  E4 over the railway tracks,  past the second hand shop, on a hill come and practise art without judgement but by talking over tea, saying how you feel, being inspired by music and poetry, movement and life. One Saturday a month with a therapeutic artist. Book through Waltham Forest Culture.  Twelve sessions in all but come to as few as you want.
We are on the road to art and nature, art and mindfullness.


Generation Gap

Gettin’ a bit sick of old people saying obviously with prompts that Twitter is a young people’s thing. There are many people over sixty using Twitter. People of that age do work, do have views to share, need Twitter for research and information and there are plenty of community groups using Twitter in their workshops.

There are many older people not using social media platforms just as there are many thirty somethings who can’t be asked. People shun Facebook. Minor celebrities like JK mock Facebook but run an account. I have no sympathy for older people ignorant of new technology. People run projects and refer to being Luddites when it comes to pushing out their paraphernalia. Why? And it’s only women talking in that way.

Today a project for seniors run by a major UK charity held a Twitter forum. Way to go . It’s a start. Seniors were encouraged to learn and use the new way of communicating.  Can only be good. People should not be left out. But they should have been proactive and tried it themselves or with their peers. Shoulda, coulda, woulda as Beverley Knight said before she dropped her street and handled the mantle of West End red carpets.

Most seniors I know use mobile phones to get the news, email, tweet , instagram and Facebook. They are not billed out of pocket nor hacked about by fraudsters. I am proud to be up there with my oldsters, minus those certain tones and on tap.

Is my petticoat showing?

The Blues

Ten years ago I was introduced to a woman of seventy who had big children of 50 years of age. It was whispered to me that she was “a bit funny”. I let it lay. Then another whispered to me the same warning. I just saw a humerous beautiful woman with deep brown eyes, a remnant from her shipwrecked Armada ancestry. Being curious, I asked over a Monday morning cuppa ,the wise old woman of the village what was up with so called looney.
Turns out the ‘funny’ woman was disliked by many after she had ‘the baby blues’, how many bloomin’ years ago? I translated that to my educated self: Post-natal depression,  a scourge on us like dementia, like something we ward off with now, wait for it, mindfullness, and in the soon future ‘nature and art’. I never felt sorry for Spanish hereditary lady but hated the prejudice again of the same community which uses “darky” and “Paki” in 2016.
The woman had somehow let down womanhood and the larger community,  The “we” became “I” for a lifetime.

Nowadays in London 2016 it’s okay to talk openly about post-natal depression,  about not coping, about severe exhaustion which has no cure but prolonged sleep.  We should look out for the signs of an added curse on women. There is no weakness about sickness.  Even if there were, so what? Like all mental illnesses we have to recognise post-natal depression, be amazed that in the near past we older women hid the nuisance under our duster coats and headscarves.

I wonder if that lady ever knew she needed help back in the day or was it the doctor’s receptionist who let the cat out of its messy bag.

How do I help someone on the edge? Offer silence, air space to offload pent up misery and meals to give energy to days of life.
Hard times.

My day out

“the boat club is off city road. Load of buses pass down the road, I just walked along up to graham road the club is about  a few yards. Guess what… As I turned to graham road, who I saw….R. she took the bus from the station. Boat trip 24 booked only 11 came…sailed up and down up to the tunnel ..waiting for the locks to open and close At the boat club over 50s free every Tuesday from 11 to 1 , kayaking , narrow boating etc. On 14 June there will be a tea dance in front the water with a proper band 11-3 pm. The organiser said she will send me details near time, very nice young lady after sailing she offered R. and I a nice cup of coffee. Will let you know if I hear from her.
The art workshop was very good..two artists gave talks to some paintings then back in room for refreshment …then we had to draw what ever we wanted..these chaps were very helpful. Most of the group are very artistic/ painters. Shame on me.any way I did try my very best. End after 6 pm.”