The Ultimate Street Party

Looking forward to Anti university 2016 as I’m hoping to be socially engaged at a higher level. Enough of your heritage clubs and collage treats, crochet relived and alternative art. The cyclical round was leaving me cynical and hermit-like. I was expressing opinions when I was meant to be just sharing without a view.

The Anti university Now has three visible threads in my mind : It is people engaging with other people, It’s businesses self-promoting and there is no way it’s all social class embracing. Most people I know won’t understand the titles and descriptions of the projects on offer. It is hip and arty, middle-class in language and not happy to be criticised even when its mother, the February 1968 Anti university was written off as a failed thing. That one was a worm which kept re growing every time it was severed either by pay structures or chops to its core. It was one step forward and two steps back.

I am going in con brio as I want seniors of 66 years of age and better to be part of the 2016 crowd. We were actually living in 1968.

Most of the events do not appeal to me. You know,  the 1956 angry young man thing. Met them all,  slept with most.

Most of the events are written about in a language far removed from my entity.

What needs to be realized is that the state of the nation can be altered with what comes from what’s going down in one weekend.  Can be.

Just looking for some interaction.


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