Generation Gap

Gettin’ a bit sick of old people saying obviously with prompts that Twitter is a young people’s thing. There are many people over sixty using Twitter. People of that age do work, do have views to share, need Twitter for research and information and there are plenty of community groups using Twitter in their workshops.

There are many older people not using social media platforms just as there are many thirty somethings who can’t be asked. People shun Facebook. Minor celebrities like JK mock Facebook but run an account. I have no sympathy for older people ignorant of new technology. People run projects and refer to being Luddites when it comes to pushing out their paraphernalia. Why? And it’s only women talking in that way.

Today a project for seniors run by a major UK charity held a Twitter forum. Way to go . It’s a start. Seniors were encouraged to learn and use the new way of communicating.  Can only be good. People should not be left out. But they should have been proactive and tried it themselves or with their peers. Shoulda, coulda, woulda as Beverley Knight said before she dropped her street and handled the mantle of West End red carpets.

Most seniors I know use mobile phones to get the news, email, tweet , instagram and Facebook. They are not billed out of pocket nor hacked about by fraudsters. I am proud to be up there with my oldsters, minus those certain tones and on tap.

Is my petticoat showing?


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