A packed day.

Up Your Street Community Group went along to the Botticelli Reimagined exhibition at The V&A today and what a treat that was.
The staff know by now we seniors at Up Your Street and welcome us always with cheery smiles.
The exhibition is in three parts, The first nods to the way Botticelli influences many artists and designers such that Ursula Andress emerging out of the warm sea immediately references Botticelli’s Venus in a shell. The second part is how Botticelli is rediscovered and the third , the real McCoy. Being neighbours of The William Morris Gallery we gasped and almost doffed our caps in the presence of rich tapestries and floaty fully chinned sewn on women designed by himself.
Colour and form to die for.
But I am still hung over and dogged by the involvement in the sham that is the pretend consultation by the Waltham Forest Borough Council with its residents about the proposals to build high rise flats in Lea Bridge Road next to Burwell Road. It’s a sham because the tenants of the retail outlet currently on site and to whom I spoke today after I’d done the Stratford to Lea Bridge uneventful uninspiring new track ride told me they received notice to quit four months ago. The site was deemed as for residential use in 201l. Disappointed in Leyton.
Other things happened today such that to regain my zest for living I told myself to straighten up and march on.

Met some wonderful seniors today so can’t complain.

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