Reading Aloud

Anti Uni goes on. Had a brilliant time with Nikki Kane straight in from Glasgow and other unshy guys where we read aloud unseen texts. Reading aloud is a rare activity where you can root yourself in your spot on this earth and own it for a few minutes. The world could be listening, your voice could be trembling and wending it’s way up to the rafters or you could be surprising yourself by finding again a primary school skill. The joy is wonderful. Today the company was nice. We read, we chatted, we read on, we laughed.  Twas brillig indeed.

Earlier, I’d joined Xenia, an activity based afternoon for women who described themselves as learners of English or speakers of it. We explored how we could make Xenia practical in everyday life, how we can welcome each other. The room was packed. The food table was popular. Anxious faces had relaxed into smiling ones by the end of the three hours.

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