Shall we talk environment then?

Waltham Forest Council.Hmph. £ signs on their foreheads. Today I went with them urban youngsters blackberry-picking. First of all we checked out the lazing crabs and perky lobsters in Hoo-Hin’s tanks.What a dump is Argall Avenue and that Staffa Road.It all just got worse. Pavements are unkept, cars drivers move without heeding dog-walkers, child-walkers, or pissy weirdos, once decorative shrubs wave aimlessly through bashed railings and poo stays baking in the sun.What a dreary place and I doubt if much brass is in the muck.
Today huge container lorries kept their engines running on double yellows whilst bulked-up on the pavement so we had to cross a glass splintered so called road to negotiate standing vans and uneven paths.All this shit adjacent to Burwell Residential Estate with its pretty rose-gardens, pretty tiled path fronts and a couple of three piece suites. Where is the concern for residents’ quality of life? Where is this industrial village into which riders on the train stopping at Lea Bridge fall clutching hopes of megabucks and expansion of wealth?

The back ways are disgusting.

Now for Essex Road and St James’ Park down the back of The MillE17. What happened? It’s not a park which has been socially cleansed like Lloyd and Coronation and Jubilee.It is a place where you need eyes in the back of your head. The tunnel stinks of yellow dog piss because it is full of yellow dog piss. The backwoods off the bridal path look fit for a Red Riding Hood film set. Doggers park up opposite Barn Croft School or what is that line of parking which prevents the free flow of W19 buses? I arsk yer.

There’s Essex Road Garage marking up the gutters with black oil and a limousine. From the park, scented rose bushes have been abandoned and left to spread all over the place. What happened? Unguarded kiddies swing high and crazy in what may be a prize-winning play area not bothered about child-catchers at all.

Some people need to make the area a bit normal. There is nothing E17 about the place.

What do we want? We want it now.

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