Wetlands in Walthamstow

wetlands wed 21st Sep.pngWhat a day for a meander along reed beds and fishers’ cubby-holes. Up Your Street walked on the wild side today. We as a group had booked into Thames Water’s grounds, long since overlooked by Jill Public, through Wild London for our special guided tour of the wild and wet side of Ferry Lane, just down the road from Matalan and Burger King at Tottenham Hale, past Bream Close and into the building site costing millions and set to become Europe’s loveliest Wetlands.

We were greeted very well. The sun was out and Steve, Ellie and Rachel were raring to go. How special were we and in our group we had artists, travellers and historians.

The walk is a fair old stretch and we were advised to wear walking shoes. Remember most of us have been in sandals and now we were moving into Autumn. The herons were there all right and the cormorants were in full view on an island bereft of leaves.

The visitors’ centre is under construction and hedgerows with berries and flowers had been recently planted. We saw the difference between the oft called ‘man-made’ but preferably ‘constructed’ sunken reservoirs and the ones at ground level. The ones surrounded by artificial banks are huge lakes six metres deep and pretty dangerous with swirling currents as water flows down from Luton. They’re named after big bods from way back when. The other more natural-looking reservoirs are beautiful with the sun’s light on open bits and old steps poking into the shaded dragon-fly inhabited secretive patches.

The paths are mostly uneven and hard and we discussed the ways in which those with restricted walking ability could enjoy the way.

It all needs to be seen to be appreciated as a site glorious. We were all in awe at what is and what will be and marvelled at our guides’ knowledge about all aspects from the joined on tower and cress beds at Coppermill and the origins of the music hall song as sung by our grans, “Daisy, Daisy. Give me your answer do….”

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