Scarf Art write up

How I did my Scarf Art. By Sylvia
The fabric was bought from a market stall  bargain bin at Chapel market in Islington and it was hand washed and ironed.
The line drawings at the edge of the design were made using a fabric pen. The printing process was achieved with a proprietary transfer printing medium. I restricted the colour because of the cost and my inexperience.
 I chose the image of an Eames chair. The layout comprised six scaled images of an Eames chair arranged in a large circle  around the middle of the fabric. I decided to enclose the design with two freehand line drawings open ended (copied from another design) a few centimetres in from the edge of the fabric.
I wanted to teach myself a new printing technique and chose a method which transfers a printed image onto fabric. I began by  photocopying a design of my choice. I made several copies of the image which I arranged around the scarf.
With a foam brush I coated the material where I wanted the image to be transferred
with an even layer of medium. I
placed the image face down in the
wet medium and smoothed the surface
with the back of a spoon and let it dry.

Once the medium had completely
dried I took the paper off by  layering a soaked cloth on top of the paper until the paper was soaked. Once the paper was wet it peeled
off. There was a film of white residue after the first peel so I had to repeat the pro-
cess, scrubbing with the wet cloth
but I couldn’t remove all of the “white fuzz”. 


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