Doritos and Dementia

Halfway through the month of older persons and I see little going on pertaining to that pie in the sky.

Do octagenarians want to be safe from sexy and violent films? Can they be asked to watch a cheerless and miserable film which had poor reviews with the subject and the angst being about the onset of dementia. It’s that or a film about how oldies reclaim urban spaces but that  one’s still at rush stage, I guess. 

Stratford Library E15 is showing for free “Still Alice”to mark the month of Older Persons. It was just a day on October 1st a couple of years ago and of course that date always marks the beginning of Black History Month annually. Now we have a whole month of the recognising older citizens. Boroughs got wise to the market place and actually have long term projects specifically for seniors, for example,  heritage trails and oral histories.There is no trumpeting going on as far as I can see.
Stratford’s film is free together with apple juice and doritos.

No dilemma for me about that event but now I have a conundrum. At Stratford Picture House I have on display my “At The Swim” paintings as a nod to me the artist and to the glory that is  old women. The cinema is owned by Cineworld, a huge global 83 million a year profit mega corporation whose directors refuse to pay a living wage to their cinema based workers. The union members involved supported by Unison walked out in Hackney today, away from Hackney Picture House. What’ll I do?

Worry about something else.


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