Ink Press Go

It’s community art, right?

At The Mill there’s about to be another great art show; this time print works. Now Waltham Forest, specifically Walthamstow, is awash with printers at professional standard. Have you seen Sba’s textiles? Wow. Now I am new to doing printing indoors and that’s cos it’s an expensive business. This Christmas someone kept asking me what I wanted for Christmas. I am known as the woman who says “Mascara”. Well. that’s £7 a pop! On the day I opened up a parcel and out fell inks galore.

Finally down came the decorations and out came the rags and the plastic coverings, my art apron and Fairy Liquid in the sink. Oh, life of an artist!

So I did it. I block-printed although I LOVE screen-printing and again was lucky to get along to a free workshop on top of Christmas. I screen-printed linen bags and women got shoppers for their presents. Yes.

Back to indoors. I knew I’d need drying time and the submission dates start on January 18th. Do you know how quickly the days go? I’m submitting my textile prints to The Mill E17 because I like my efforts  and also I am joining in. Joining in. Like I joined in Art For All yesterday.

Ooh. Loving life.

Now to get on with a painting for March for my own exhibition in Hackney called “Champions” for I W D 2017 because I can.

All go.

Thank you The Mill for being, for chivvying us along to get on it, to do, to be out there.

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