Made In ‘Ackney

Well, well, well. Aprons on, hands washed, chop chop chop peel peel peel pull pull pull get those veggies in the pot stir stir stir and whizzzzzzzzzzz.

Well. it was free, a cookshop set up by Lucy from Hackney Circle.  The questions on the evaluation sheet made me know that we had been given the opportunity to see healthy food in the making.  Tick. We were there to relish the journey, meet others from our communities and feel good.

I didn’t  enjoy the meal. I felt like I’d eaten a bowl of earth. Reminded me of the organic meal at Hornbeam seasonal supper. Others did have seconds too. Not me.

We were too many in a small place. Despite emailed warnings that latecomers distract the tutor and delay the cooking, people arrived one after the other such that we started the session late. Those same tardy participants would be the ones who would never wash up a knife.

Nice photos.

What goes on in basements. eh?


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