Big Offence on No Offence. Crush FGM

So, what did you think of the FGM treatment/pitch on “No Offence”? There was a tanned/ olive-skinned as they used to say Egyptian woman of colour cutter with pink ears. I need to check the actress there.
In real life the police officer under cover as a young woman wanting circumcision to please her husband and to produce for society a boy (Insha’Allah) would need counselling and months off from service after her traumatic experience. In the play she said she was okay.

uys-iwd2016-02-09-19.50.15.jpg.jpegInteresting that there was a quick black versus white argument between the suspected cutter and the cops about vaginal enhancement being okay for white women in Harley Street clinics and so it should be accepted that in other cultures, cutting clits is good too. Too shoved-in a scene.

In this week’s episode of a thrilling serial cop show the cutting was to be carried out for £2000 in a private so-called clinic with an nice line-up of surgical tools and no rusty razor-blades. The PC posing as a client was stifled with a rag of ether or some other gas rather than an injection to knock her out. She was pinned down by the cutter’s female heavies. I suppose it’s all based on a real event.

Yes it was a shocking scene.

Evidently some medics are saying that FGM should not be stopped as it’s a cultural event. Sh’up. Leaving girl babies on cold walls for the wolves was a cultural thing. Belting your kids and boxing their ears was UK working class culture so was a cultural thing. Heads out of sands, docs, for FGM is child and sexual abuse. If someone forces your legs apart to scrape your bits that ain’t no culture but criminal. Child or woman dies. We call that murder, you backward shite.

Some describe FGM as barbaric. No space for PC here. I say backward people practise Stone Age ways.

So yes a suspected child abuser or mother assisting her adult son to be a child abuser spills out at her luxurious home during an end FGM party with cakes sporting vulva shaped icing sugar on top, that in her home village a woman died due to childbirth complications caused by genital mutilation. As a deal with the female senior cop the suspected criminal wants the cutter imprisoned and that would be a first as prosecutions in the UK are nil.

There, so many issues about FGM in one episode.

Vaginal enhancement in white women
FGM for men’s sake
FGM to get a son because Allah prefers that.
FGM as culture
FGM as a cause of complications in childbirth
FGM as a private procedure payable in mega-bucks.
No prosecutions yet in UK
Egyptian cutters exist and travel freely
Wider highlighting of what is known as an overseas problem whereas FGM is common in the UK especially amongst Somali and Nigerian women/children
FGM is a crime
FGM is child abuse
FGM is sexual abuse
FGM is practised as a cultural norm.
On a TV programme women police officers deal with FGM criminals.

Hibo Wardere Gillian Lawrence et al are championing the fact that FGM is child and sexual abuse.


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