Pleased As Punch

To submit art work at The Mill Coppermill Lane E17  fiver

To submit art work at the Claremont Project N1          zilch

”                   ”               ”        Hackney Central Library and Stratford east Picturehouse


To submit work A4 to A3 size to The Tower Gallery for International Woman’s Day

and it must be framed with D fasteners ready to hang £20 (concessions. £25 otherwise).

Pulled in by and ready to sit on the wagon that is International Women’s Day I could not let a ship pass in the night. The notice for submission was one week. I needed to find an A4 piece of work on my unsold shelf (ha ha). Check and I emailed the photo to the curator. She replied telling me how to pay overnight. I felt like the only OAP on the island. I saw the photo of the other artists; not a grey hair in sight. Not a touch of diversity either.

I needed a frame. Pictorem’s cheapest is £25. I remembered the frame I’d never left out for the bins and let slide under the sofa. Tidied it up but it did not suit. I thought of a guy with a cleverer saw than mine and then of my sister who’s a carpenter. I continued to listen to The Voice UK on second repeat in the background as that early music on Radio 3 got on my nerves. My mind was made up: I would make the picture fit the frame.

Cobbled the job. Did it. Saved money. Annoyed the neighbours with my hammering but the job was done. I still needed to find another D hook. There are enough framed pictures under glass here left from my family who moved out so I’d have to steal some. There is no art shop for miles.

Pleased as Punch.

Off to Claremont now to get myself inspired to make a contribution to the art exhibition there called Paradise. Here’s one I made earlier . 50cm x 70cm. ( A4 tssh!).paradise-homage-to-westray-water-colour-on-acrylic-on-canvas-big-290117


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