Took my painting along to the Memorial Church in what feels like the posher end of Barking Road to the Tower Gallery. Been there before but still got off at the wrong stop. Silly me. I have included myself in the 51%RememberHer IWD2017 art exhibition. Well, the curator included me. The launch is on March 8th. Go along; it’s all free. I’ll be at The Mill on Coppermill Lane printing from a woman’s point of view with Anna Alcock of Inky Cuttlefish which I booked ages ago. During the few weeks after IWD, the east end women’s art is all available to see for free at the Tower Gallery on Tuesdays and weekends. It’s still a church, see. They don’t know that I have two of my own IWD 2017 exhibitions Champions, paintings celebrating women now. and Headscarves 1950s.

It is a fact that Champions was constructed as a project with two senior women coming together in joined spirit to celebrate and share International Women’s Day. There was art by myself and there was to be radio. The art is well and truly up in Hackney.
For the radio there was a music list of songs sung by their women song writer authors devised and delivered by musicians in our community. All the promotion and flyers designed by myself are out there in the community. Glitches aside, we push on.


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