Old Lady Talking or spare me a rib.

If I hadn’t had done my own Champions project I would not feel in any way a celebrant of International Women’s Day. I feel no spirit for art exhibitions under the banner of the day. Business people have a 51% targeted market like Dove does in their all-encompassing every shape and nearly every shade women presenting adverts and can make money on renting venues, painting the purple, green and white and setting their agenda. Art, whether women’s stuff or not, is business.
I distance myself from gatherings which welcome women with their children. Give those mothers a chance to be labelled women.
I goggle at adverts welcoming mothers and teen daughters the opportunity to come together to learn how to apply make-up.
I hear nobody talking with interest let alone passion for the day which became a month in some places and morphed into Women’s History Month in Tower Hamlets. I read daily reports from women activists on Facebook and prefer to be acknowledged as woman all year around whether I be phenomenal or not.
Men shrug and tell me they aren’t interested because they are geezers.
Outfits say they can’t get political.
Mostly all my peers have no knowledge of the day.
All the forty-somethings, dragged to women’s day creches in the eighties by their washed and pressed dungaree-d mums have other fish to fry.
Women on remote islands get to grips with Zumba and have no interest in fighting for equal pay when their seventy hour weeks and pitiful financial returns are shared with the men on the farms in sleet and worse.
And “Bridget Jones’ Baby” screened because it’s International Women’s Day. No.

If there’s a clique. a group celebrating and acknowledging the day, that’s what they stay as; no tactics operate to include others.

Years ago at a women’s day thing, I pushed past the snogging lesbians and the smoking guns to register my workshops. Ah, that enduring format.
“What have you come as?”
“I’ve come as a socialist feminist. That’s what I’m here as”
“I’ve come as myself”.
_______________________________________disappointed in east London


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