Whoever Knew?

Resonance FM’s The News Agents is a chat show. Two artists (one doing her talk programme and one a curator and gallery owner) natter about the big exhibition at the Tower Gallery in Barking Road. I contributed but never knew the brief. When I submitted physically my work after a long bus journey, I was asked by the young MAN if I were an anchor artist. When I asked what that was I knew I’d been told too much.
The exhibition was originally considered for funds as a pop up nudge to the First World War so much of the big art references that. The curator said she wanted to look to the future too so invited any women artist with a connection to the east end to submit a little framed piece. Those bits from what are obviously non anchor artists were put out for display on chairs which when lifted open make natural frames. Hmm.

The chat is all about stunning art from stunning women artists and how the title of the month long festival begs us to think about how women artists are pretty invisible in major galleries. Rebecca Feiner is honest and enthusiastic, energetic and non-stop who thinks about the common people. She likes witty work. She wants her artists to support each other and work together in the future, to share their spaces. Ah, good luck with that.

There was talk of finance and how the artists will receive a more generous payment than they would from most galleries if they sell. The sale prices range from £10-£10k. Imagine. one would need a big Lidl bag to get some of the installations home.
Great stuff Rebecca.


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