Creatives Found.

It was raining nay spitting. The traffic was awful. The buses were packed with church-goers and Tesco shoppers. I was out on an empty stomach. I reached The Mill E17, had my last look at E17 printmakers’ work on the walls on the final day and got myself down to Wynwood Art District at The Bell E17: I’d promised I’d see John Arthur Hewson’s art.
How many art caffs in Walthamstow? Art with omelettes, art with soda bread, art not with common or garden ketchup. Many caffs. That’s why I dislike the turning of St Mary’s into an art, music and performance centre. Let a church be.
And then I went to the Memorial Church in Barking Road, miles away. The church service had finished and the congregation people were tucking into their bean cakes and Fantas. Wanna congregation? Bring out the chicken.
I did go into the exhibition 51%RememberHer in the Tower Gallery in the massive church. I went through a hall door and jumped thinking a couple were at it in the cubby hole. Twas a sculpture of cement and sand and so the exhibition had begun. I climbed up and up and up until vertigo kicked in. I found the inner balcony and saw the chairs where our framed paintings were displayed. Bloomin’ cheek, putting my framed and ready to hang as requested work of art on a chair. Get my money back
So I did all that touring, dropped into Tesco for some reduced couscous and fresh halal beef and relaxed indoors not knowing I was missing Turning Earth a big open day for potters in Argall Avenue Leyton. Leyton. Well plenty of new flats are being built and rich youngsters are moving in to designer boxes and newbies need embellished pots.

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