#51%RememberHer – A cultural return for E13..

london eastern drifts

In my last post here over a month ago (yep, I vow to write more often, but enjoy wandering around posting pics of curiosities in the East on my instagram feed so much more – follow it, follow both!..) I wrote about stumbling upon the artwork of an old colleague while doing a Plaistow history walk at the end of January (that’s it up there, Sian-Kate Mooney’s DARKWAVE II).. Well, the exhibition it’s part of opened this week, and here’s a little piece on it..

Firstly, forgive me – I can’t claim to be anything close to an art critic. But I do love cultural expression, buildings, identity issues, history, general-eye-catching-stuff and more than all these things, the paradise that is Plaistow!..

So, #51%RememberHer is a new exhibition of contemporary art by women of the East End and had it’s official opening on Wednesday evening to celebrate International Women’s Day (March 8th), and public…

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