Promoting Blues

Well, I spend much time promoting community hubs when in fact I’m actually watching them to see whether they genuinely want people to come along or whether they’re just building their own reputation in the Big Society and not bothered if seniors come or not. Community hubs are great first steps for ambitious types who want to get into corporates and charity-director posts. Ah, the cynic arrives.
I’m a bit bothered too about enterprises who post up stock pictures or their own interns’ efforts to show the happy happy people who join in the adventure and then those pictures look like they’ve been taken behind Welsh hills. Around the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park which is where Up Your Street looks for activities and events for local seniors is actually pretty diverse ethnically and all pictures need to reflect that if local and funded enterprises are really trying to reach out to their communities. I am put off by some pictures.
Lately I’ve bumped into two long events where it’s obvious that each is a party to which not everyone is invited. Or rather to which not all local artists are invited. How hard is this to write stumbling over PC and not calling a spade a spade.
of course the inverse is that I will doggedly advertise something to Up Your Street subscribers when it’s clear that the promoters want a certain target audience but they are not allowed to discriminate.
Ah heavy stuff and moving along.
I was wondering where and when an online catalogue was coming out so that I could relish in seeing my own name next to my art. Turns out the sole organiser of the exhibition wanted we the paint-brushers and installation-makers to perfect a digitally enhanced entry for the catalogue. Ooh could I be asked? The effort needed to change the format on a photo when I’m used to Vistaprint making the low pixels work on postcards for me was too much when Question Time was about to start and trying to make a PDF to export was way beyond my black-eye pea peeling intellect at that moment. Not wanting to miss that passing ship I sent up what I could do and wait now for the ‘disappointed in you’ email. Bovvered? That’s when an intern would have been handy whether they were on the rise or not.
Just seen that 3 Million quid has been shared with 16 UK cultural organisations to uplift the lonely souls of those people aged 75 and above. Now there was great opportunity to show photographed ethnic diversity across the hills and vales of this green and pleasant land.


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