I Love Telly

It’s a cold Good Friday. Last week someone on Facebook said rudely that I should not watch television but should go outside and be in the flippin’ community. Cheek. That brigade of white middle class wannabee teachers put me off life. So today I am enjoying the mastery that is Hitchcock at London Live Channel watching “The Lodger”. Reading the http://www.sfu.ca/~gmccarro/The_Lodger.html
write-up is like doing a PH D in filmography and if I lived again, I would do that. A great review there.
Firstly I tuned into the film because I was settled enough to watch a film and then it is silent, so I have to watch. Then I like to see all the scenery, props and costumes. I do have a degree in drama. I want to see my grandmother as she dressed up like the chorus girls (?) in 1926 fashion and ways. Lo and behold when Daisy receives her dress in the post it is just similar to my old Auntie’s 1920s dress now owned by her miserable daughter.
My daughter’s just moved into a Victorian terraced house (Is there any other?)in Hitchcock country and many of the features in any old film can be seen in her house, you know the dado (pl) and the door surrounds, the mantelpiece, the mirrors, the banisters, the dividing doors, the fireplace and much more too. I do wonder if Hitchcock made a set in The Lodger or used an Essex or Leytonstone house as he comes from there.


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