Ladies Who Jerky

It’s hard to get together sometimes. People are busy and always want to meet but it’s difficult always what with people fasting, observing prayers, lacking cash, having to sort out them indoors, being tired so it’s all glory when we can get together and when we find a homely place which is welcoming and ready to accommodate seniors with respect. So we’re doing it.
Still obstacles in the way like people not being able to access a menu online to peruse what’s on offer and those who don’t use their diary and confuse the dates. Ah, but it all works out.
Here’s a potato print just celebrating an achievement.
It’s great to support local businesses when they support us. Our eatery is Butler’s Bakers aka Chef’s Corner up Cann Hall Road, an up and coming road lined with Victorian terraces sitting on dark and damp cellars selling at three quarters of a million now.

As I write a New Orleans Restaurant in which I dined and which was then flattened by Hurricane Katrina is being given the four-letter once-over by wotsisname Ramsay on telly. Aah, Mississippi grub.
ladies who jerky


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