If you don’t ask, you don’t get.

Feeling very proud and achieved.

Turning Earth ceramics in the old smelly industrial estate in Argall Avenue, once called Leyton Industrial Village….village… was given funny press when it opened in March as being a hipster’s playground and something to get those hipsters down and dirty. For me who is not a hipster (too fat, too old, too poor), it’s a creative workshop on my doorstep. Mind you I couldn’t be asked to wade through the litter and isolated road to seek it out after I’d bought my seaweed crisps in Hoo Hing.
Of course, I knew any workshops would be like a week’s wages to me and they are expensive compared to the workshops Up Your Street subscribers have attended and do attend at various community hubs.
I wanted seniors to have a go, see something classy in a run-down, out of the way W19 bus served hole. I wanted seniors to be visible on any hip scene and support a local enterprise before it packs up and travels to the next des res parish. And we all wanted to dine at Hoo Hing’s large restaurant almost next door.

I contacted Turning Earth: Not a dickey bird for a while. I re-sent my email knowing any creative covered in terra clay is not inclined to sit at a laptop. Hooray, hoorah. In came the email from mein host and negotiations began.

Amongst Up Your Street subscribers, there’s a clutch, a potful, if you will, of ceramic artists and pot-turners. There are also seniors who love having a go, enjoying repeat tasters, like I do.

We shall have our day, throwing clay and munching dim sum. Job done. Enough to say that Turning Earth accommodated us in generosity.

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