Disappointed and aghast.

It is with huge disappointment that I write to you as a community artist.

Since before the end of my last exhibition in March 2017 I have been asking you to confirm my submitted dates for more exhibitions in 2017. All these planned exhibitions of art-work are showcases for projects in the community and more specifically from seniors in our community.

For weeks my requests with follow-up phone calls were ignored until finally you passed my email requests to your deputy. Still nothing has been confirmed regarding a list of submitted dates with the first episode from June 1st-June 15th and it is now the public holiday when the library shuts until the end of May.

Your deputy emailed me last month as part of her introductory email to me that the library display area was to be used for library promotions and I replied that there must have been a policy change because the three cabinets are designated community artist areas, I received no answer to that: in fact I have heard nothing since before May 1st, the last Bank Holiday.

I had wanted to use an opportunity to exhibit my artwork this June as I am managing an event at the Anti-University Now Festival at the museum downstairs from you and the library. My art complements my physical event which encourages seniors to be visible. And added to that my display coincides with London’s Creativity and Well-Being Festival which on June 15th, acknowledges older people.

Since 2015 I have curated exhibitions of art and art launch nights at the library. I no longer wish to exhibit my art or goodwill at the library.
I have been disrespected on many levels and cannot in principle work with others who display bad manners.

2 thoughts on “Disappointed and aghast.

  1. Hyacinth "Soul Conscious" Myers May 29, 2017 / 7:46 pm

    Such a shame Local people and Artists are treated this way. I can only hope and wish you will find a more cohesive place to display work. Any help you need I will support.

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