What’s The Point?

So irritating to me. It’s nigh on Black History Month. I think the theme is maybe this year Caribbean Memories. I watched Great Western Railway’s latest telly ad with my mouth open. It’s based on The Famous Five books and shows Five having an Adventure. It’s 1950 England so not a hint of multi-cultural UK. What’s the point? Puts me off totally because for sure there’s a target client and I sure as hell don’t want to be included as and presumed to be part of that clientele. If anything, I don’t want to travel on a route which seems to exclude as paying customers my neighbours and myself. I checked Twitter to see the photos of Production at Tate. I was there: Couldn’t have been whiter.

It’s nothing to do with there not being enough BME actors or sufficient stock photos showing people of colour or an inadequate supply of people from all backgrounds coming through the doors. The  prick is at the director stage whether that director be in a major art gallery or at a telly company and how that person demands the promotion of the publicly owned venues and private companies. It’s keeping the establishment nice and happy and its members living the 1950 dream. It’s the way they tell ’em.



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