Up and Coming

Charles Dickens’ table, Frida’s bits and bobs and what next? Tracey’s juices? Curators put on anything and anything goes. Give us some real art. Tomorrow Up Your Street Community Group seniors are off to see the stupendous Anni Albers weavings at Tate Modern for free. The Guardian over-gushed about it: We’ll see. Then in January some go to the National Gallery for the Bellini exhibition plus a film. Free again.
In February an actual senior at actual Up Your Street will guide us through the Victoria & Albert Museum’s Royal tapestries:(Were there any others?) It’s timely for February 6th is indeed the celebration of Queen Elizabeth of the golden piano’s accession to the throne. It’s also No To Female Genital Mutilation Day.
London Live News is on the ball with all the upcoming national museums. It’s a trifle condescending in tone unlike BBC Radio 3 which presumes listeners are all in with every symphony.
Looking forward to Up Your Street seniors working again with artist and poet Hassan Vawda. Fingers crossed.

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