Reading and greeting

Some Up Your Street people have been reading books by Thompson in preparation for the meet the author event. The works are set before and during WW2 in Bethnal Green. They are fictional stories.

1)Secrets of the Singer Girls
Written 2015
Theme : interracial relationship
Main characters:Poppy Daisy Vera Sal.
Local event/tragedy. Bethnal Green Tube Disaster.

2) Secrets of the Sewing Bee
written 2016
Theme: factory life
Main characters :Dolly Vera Flossy Peggy Lucky.
Local event/ tragedy. London Blitz

3) The Wedding Girls
Written 2017
Theme: Marriage as drudgery.
Main characters: Stella Winnie Kitty Tommy the thug. Treacle the saviour.
Local event/ tragedy: The Battle of Cable Street

4) The Allotment Girls.
written 2018
Theme: Dig for Victory
Main characters: Annie Rose Pearl Millie
Local event/tragedy. Ref to Bryant and May fire.



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