The Osier Project.

Last winter 2020, Up Your Street seniors gathered to hear a local social historian tell tales of research about the undug archaeology of Lea Bridge Farm and environs. At the end there were some mutterings about the wealth which built the area and reference was made to the Atlantic Slave Trade. A senior agreed to present a talk about that subject at the end of the year.
Up Your Street seniors would be the audience. To boost background knowledge I invited them to join in desk-top research about Leyton’s past and we’d use Facebook as our vehicle to post findings.Three people enrolled but nothing materialised. I contacted researcher Mary Barnham and we scoured records and primary research to gather stories about C18th Lea Bridge Road area. We were looking for those rich men and women firstly  in C18th England who were very involved in slaving even if by marriage. Who benefited and how did they relate to Leyton?

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