The Osier Project.

20200610_110742Atlantic Slave Trade  1500- 1833.


Slaver Suspects. Names we researched regarding “suspicious intergenerational wealth”. No man was an island.

1623? Sir William Batten  at Black House

1623 John Manby UK to Viginia

1630 -1707 Mingo

1632-1719 John Lethellier

1648 Cooke in Hackney

1662 Richard Lee  (Maryland)

1671 William Colegrave (Cann Hall)

1673 Josiah Child  at Wanstead House

1673-1736 Tench at Leyton House

1682 David Barclay

1707 – 1723 Tyssen at Lea Bridge Mill

1720 Williams at Temple Mill

1739 John Peck re Dyers Hall

1742 Brandon re tobacco

1742 Greville aka Lord Brooke.

1746 2nd Viscount Maynard

1753- 1993 Slater at Knotts Green

1779 Vansittart, N Chancellor of the Exchequer

1783 David Barclay re Jamaican plantation

1840 Cann Haĺl Manor

1840 Manby-Colegrave

1844 Duke of Bedford

1847 Lee m. Cobbold

1853  Charles Greaves re.Waterworks

1855 Dames at Forest House

1859 William Morris

1860 Cobbold and Talbot re Conservative Land Society

1886 Thomas Manby-Colgrave

John Strype

John Pardoe of Manor Houe Leyton Essex

Charles II

Robert Christmas

Jane Soresby

Hayes re Coppermill

Walter Maynard


Places and enterprises of interest-

Bankers E10. E11 E5

Brewers E17 E5

Lea Bridge Farm by Claire Weiss

Palatial Hackney Buildings

St John at Hackney Church

Etloe House

Dames Road Essex (E7)

Wanstead House

Conservative Land Company

Forest Gate Essex houses.

Cann Hall Farm.

St Mary’s Church Leyton

St Sepulchre (Old Bailey)



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