Enthusiasm on day whatever of Lockdown

Got to share my enthusiasm: joined a Zoom and they chatted about calligraphy* and one woman showed us vellum** parchments she got off Ebay to help her with a previous calligraphy course she did. I thought I’d look at Ebay and bought a vellum advertised to show Stoke Newington history. Fiver.

Well…. I Googled the names. It was for 1910. It was Thomas A. De la rue of London, the grandson of Thomas de la Rue of Guernsey who invented the printing of bank notes, playing cards and postage stamps and on the document he was renting a shop in Stoke Newington High Street at no.199 right by Abney Park Cemetery and Yum Yum where Hyacinth loves to host her meet-ups.

Our Thomas A carried on his grandfather’s firm. His dad was very famous. Warren De la rue.
The firm is still the best government printers and worth millions. They could buy the vellum off me😂
He died in 1911.
Stoke Newington was developing from posh country Hackney to factory urbanity.

The woman who owned 199 Stoke Newington High Street in Hackney was Sarah Annie Pell, wife of Charles Pell both of Hastings. I had just scanned the document picking up a woman’s name and the words lessee and lessee and stupidly assumed the man was the lesser. The woman is described as the wife of Charles Pell just to remind us a man was in the picture or dead but still named. The woman was renting to a sixty year old rich guy. He died soon after.

199 Stokey is under builders’ wraps and scaffolds as revealed at Gooogle Maps.

Baronet Thomas A. De La Rue is often spelt Delarue as on my document so that threw me.

The history of that rich family is gripping. They are linked to sheep-stealing convict ancestors in Australia. Ain’t we all?

And then some. Old granddaddy De La Rue married a second wife after Jane Warren she being a young Swedish woman named Mary Eckers and that caused some grief in the stocks and shares.

I then went back to Ebay with Googly eyes and a spinning head and found by chance a postcard showing Crouch Hill North London my manor of yore. Turned it over virtually and it was addressed to someone De la Rue Guernsey. Witchy. Two quid and it’s on its way to me.

Loads of De La rue playing cards at Ebay. Some dirty old packets and some single queens selling for two pounds too.

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