Right here, right now.

Good to be here writing. Just watched The Chase having sewn tons today making a quilt and then serviettes for the Christmas table. Went to extra Yoga with Jessica Green which I’ve attended since before May and after March 23rd. Seems years away. Watched some PBS documentaries and did some eBay shopping.

Hackney Circle joined with MakeTown to offer its members free weaving sessions online at GoogleMeet not familiar Zoom. We received at socially distanced front doors our weaving kits for free. Two sessions and by the second one we were a group of three from maybe ten before: I hardly looked up as I wove. I know for a fact seniors could not access Google flipping Meet. Saw their names. Some from Up Your Street. But the weaving and needling was good. Another workshop is in the pipeline IF you fill out the evaluation form…… online. What might it be?

Leila Jancovich at Leeds Metro Uni has published her findings from community hub leaders and art architects about the pushed mantra that arts and crafts create senses of well-being amongst the clients. Responses to questionnaires about the value of arts in the community to both clients and managers are usually summed up in the word “brilliant” which is a word with scales or levels. The value of that word has to be scrutinised. Funding relies on words and examples. Brilliant cannot do it. For example I think it’s brilliant if we get free tuition and a free cuppa in a nice venue. That’s hardly an advert for art in the community and a case for arts funding. After Covid when arts money is all gone we’ll thrash out part two of Jancovich’s thesis.

Art-wise I produced an original for Rosetta’s secret postcard sale mid December and a bunting flag for feminist Craftivism post Covid and a mental health charity aligned witch spoon project in Hebden Bridge. I have two RAGWORKS exhibitions up since I can’t remember and to which no one has access. My Christmas decorations and tree are up and I’ve hidden sugary goodies. My doors are open and shut on my Ferrer advent calendar. Yummy.

Zoom time with Rachel Mulligan. Ely stained glass windows. Keeping up a pecker.🤣

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