EastBank Seniors

Today is the launch of EastBank Seniors as in the first walkabout and during Covid restrictions so only six septuagenarians were signed up. Noone had to confirm their going because anything can happen. All were reminded to mask up and stay apart.

it’s an open- air chum-along to West Ham Cemetery in Cemetery Road E7 and the place is beautiful right now with lush grass and Spring in leaf. There are trees for shelter, benches galore and sparklingly clean toilets. The adventurers are all armed with my desk-top research notes with a list of celebrated graves and a description of Gurney handing over wasteland so that the West Ham Burial Board could go ahead with burial plans.

Onwards and upwards. The outing repeats on the UN Day of Remembrance for victims of chemical warfare and in May at Eid.

Today we celebrate in a cemetery Earth Day and mark the racist-fired murder of Stephen Lawrence.

Tomorrow is Union Jack St George’s Day and our ninety-five year old widowed queen is in mourning. India is devastated.

Chaucer was right about April pushing us along.

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