Appalachian Blue

During this Lockdown I joined a few reading groups via Zoom both in England and in Ireland and in the United States of America. One book was “The Book Woman of Troublesome Creek” a fictional account of a Blue woman librarian who loaded her pack-horse to go into the ‘hollows’of Kentucky in the Appalachian Mountains. I researched about the Blue people as the Fugates of Kentucky. I completed an art-research project about it by using whatever I had to hand in my quarantine to compose creations to honour a despised ostracized social human group who inter-married in the C19th and C20th.
Today for five days I exhibit my offerings in my front window and at my Facebook page “Appalachian Blue”.
I used dyed blue textiles and cardboard, acrylic paint and soul singing at a Zoomed cotton mill workers’ history group USA.